The days are long and hard; to keep up with adoring admirers and providing a continuous entertainment experience in a time when it is most crucial, in itself presented a precarious challenge. Attendance in a steady rate of decay from the lost  adventures at the local watering holes, coupled with the price surges for the cost of admission, compacted by the plague of overpriced libation to sooth the evening; our Mother of MurderHouse came up with a solution. Not just contained to any single platform, nor confined to traditional four walls and brick and mortar, the innovative experience to witness MurderHouse from home started to surface and thus became reality.  The ability to reach a wider audience from the comfort of their own home is an innovative and unique way to still experience the show without have to leave the comfort of your home! It's a place where you fit in by just being you; where you can be yourself and march to the beat of the misfit drum and do so proud.   You are welcome, we thank you for tuning in.   This is MurderHouse Live brought to you by Claire Storm!

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